Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tiger Trail?

The Tiger Trail is a new entrance that will be built for Clifford Stadium at Cuyahoga Falls High School. It will be built from engraved bricks that you can purchase. Proceeds from these sales support the Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation.

What is the Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation?

The Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation is a charitable organization that promotes academic excellence and supports the students of Cuyahoga Falls through scholarships and other projects. Each year, it awards over $100,000 in scholarships to more than 40 students.

When will the Tiger Trail be built?

The first round of installation will be in the summer of 2013. There will be more installations as more bricks are sold over the years.

How long until my brick is engraved? Can I see it?

The bricks are laser engraved in large batches when we have received an appropriate number of orders. Due to the complexity of storing the bricks, we will not be able to show you your brick until it is installed. In the meantime, you can see your virtual brick on the Virtual Tiger Trail!

Will my brick look exactly like it does on the website?

The website preview is for general reference only. While all of the words you enter on the website will be arranged as you provide, the font style and size may appear different on the completed brick. The colors of the bricks may also vary from what you see on screen.

I made a mistake on my brick order. Can I make changes?

If you made a mistake, contact the Foundation by phone at 330-926-3800, extension 502089, or by email at The bricks are engraved in large batches every several months, so it is likely that the error can be corrected.

Can I pick the exact location of my brick or group specific bricks together?

When submitting your order, be sure to write your request in the Special Instructions box. Depending upon the number and time that the bricks are ordered, we cannot promise that we can accommodate all requests for grouped bricks, but we will do whatever we can to make it happen. There will also be some special groupings of bricks available, such as class year, gridiron, band, and so on.

Will my brick appear in the same order as on the Virtual Tiger Trail?

The Virtual Tiger Trail on the website is only for entertainment. The order of the finished Tiger Trail will likely be quite different.

I don’t see my brick on the Virtual Tiger Trail. Did you get my order?

It can take up to a week for ordered bricks to appear on the Virtual Trail. This is especially true for orders placed in person at events.

Is your website secure?

Your credit card order is processed using secure SSL encryption. This prevents unauthorized access to your credit card data. We do not save your credit card number.

Can I place an order by mail or in person?

We will be available at several events throughout the school year, such as football games, graduation, and so on. The Foundation can be contacted by phone at 330-926-3800, extension 502089. You can order by mail by downloading the following form and sending it with a check or money order.

[ Mail-in Order Form ]

What happens to my brick if we build a new stadium?

Your brick and legacy will be moved to the new stadium. At this time it is unlikely that a new stadium will be built in the forseeable future. Current plans for a new campus don't include replacing the stadium or the auditorium as the cost would be prohibitive.